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Ivy Table


Ivy Table

Code: 128OVTBL1
Price: $5,520.00
Dimensions: 27.5"H x 31.5"W x 46.5"L



The Ivy is a table with asymmetrical leg supports with leaves growing out of each corner of the tabletop. Additionally, there are leaves that branch out from the top of the legs on the underside, which in turn supports the marble table top.

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Artists Inspiration:

I am a designer of nature-inspired jewelry and recycled wrought-iron furniture. I am at odds with mass-produced, plastic Ďartí, and all repetitive things in design and in life. I live by the motto: Each of us is unique and each of us deserves to be surrounded by things that reflect that uniqueness. The central aspect of my creative culture is the handcrafting of everything we produce.


 Please contact us for additional information or photographs.