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Clic Lounge Table by Alexander Pelikan

Clic Lounge Table

Clic Lounge Table
Qty in Basket: None
Code: 184APTBL1
Price: $860.00
Dimensions: 14"H x 36"L x 24"W


The construction has to consist only of the material, thus no extra fixtures have to be attached.After a long trial and error period the artist was able to develop the internationally protected CLICSYSTEM. This system allows to construct a furniture item from flat packed parts in about a minute. Ease of use, self explanatory function and safety were paramount. The CLICSYSTEM is comparable to that of a backpack buckle. It's sturdy and fast, economical and beautiful. The artist's next step was to find an equally beautiful material (sustainable, economic and pleasant) the artist chose bamboo, a sort of grass, growing in abundance in tropical countries. From "ripe" bamboo shoots, plate material is fabricated. In this way you can keep harvesting from a bamboo forest without depletion or destruction of the ecosystem. The chair is then CNC milled of this plate material in Holland. Then it is hand sanded in my atelier and oiled with a biological wood oil to protect the surface.

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By designing I want to explore new roads and I want to be surprised where these roads take me. More Experimentation with common and exotic sustainable materials and techniques for example is such a new path. Another one is working with interesting craftspeople, other designers and innovative companies. While wandering these ways ideas emerge which are transformed and integrated in my works. In my designs I am embracing coincidence - any detail could be of importance. I am often "on the road", I stroll together with friends through cities and nature for pleasure and input. Luckily I got rid of my television 10 years ago so I have time to read about the stuff that took my attention during my travels. Back home in my atelier all these bits of information and emotion are crystallizing via experimentation and electronic music from Squarepusher and Aphex Twin into new forms. When I am busy with an assignment or free work, I want to dive into the technique and I want to be able to make it myself or at least understand every single step of the creation...that is very important for me: to identify with "head and hand" with the stuff I create.

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