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Code: 219NMFRN1
Price: $2,500.00
Dimensions: 29.5"H x 20"W x 47"L



This sweet bench was crafted from the beams of a Massachusetts barn dating back to approx 1800s. It served as a wood and metal workshop for old farm tools. We strive to preserve the natural surface of the beams and boards we salvage from these iconic buildings. The live edge forms the bottom of the back rest. The deep dark patina of old growth American Chestnut outline the edges of this design. The heart of the Chestnut beam appear as the contrasting light tones. Other markings of character and history include: saw marks on the arms, traveling worm hole patterns, reclaimed oak detail on seat, and mortise and tenon arm rest. Hand finished with a solution of pure Tung oil and non toxic Citrus solvent, except for the arms and sides left untreated.

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Artists Inspiration:

Barns and outbuildings are important icons of country life in New England. When there is no longer hope in preserving a structure, salvaging allows the materials to live on in new form. We are a two man team that dismantle these structures piece by piece without the use of heavy machinery. We are able to salvage all usable pieces and preserve the distinctive character markings left on these old growth wood.

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