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Teak Sling Lounger


Teak Sling Lounger

Code: 222BMFRN1
Price: $4,995.00
Dimensions: 4.5'H x 58"W x 15'L



The Teak Sling Lounger is extremely comfortable, virtually weather proof, and built to last for decades. All teak used by Milburn Design for the creation of this American product is from the teak plantations of Diamond Teak* in Costa Rica. The teak wood is harvested from renewable forests by applying internationally-recognized environmental principles and working with leading organizations to certify the sustainability of the teak plantations.

Artists Inspiration:

My natural creativity has always delighted in finding multiple uses for simple items, and renewed functionality for some pre-used materials. Many artists have an ability to envision things in ways that others cannot. Hopefully, original thinking by artists, as shown in our work, will eventually inspire more creative thinking by others.

 Please contact us for additional information or photographs.