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Global Heart Warming


Global Heart Warming

Code: 223MSASM3
Price: $4,200.00
Dimensions: 48"H x 31.8W"



Original photage. Cut printed matter, glued to archival substratum, coated with UV-protective varnish, framed. From early in life Santa Barbara collage artist Marlene Struss has transformed found objects into works of fine art. It was the use of magazine pictures in surrealistic collage that led to the present colorful more painterly abstractions she calls photage.  "Photage" is not only French for "collage," she jokes, "but also collage of light ". She notes that the rich colors, textures, and light effects found in recycled magazines have much more life to give, making them a magnet for her resourceful nature.About her technique, Struss says, "In my work I strive to emulate nature.I try to allow each fragment to settle into the composition according to its unique characteristics and compatibility with others to create a balanced whole, as in human society or a chemical reaction.This focus on cooperation and symbiosis of parts is what, paradoxically, imparts a sense of calmness and serenity in an otherwise very busy environment, a metaphor of my vision for a healthy earth.

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Artists Inspiration:

Life-long artist Marlene Struss is a native of California. She received her bachelor's degrees in fine art and social sciences from the University of California Santa Barbara and found the climate, both physical and spiritual, so conducive to creativity that she never left. Since that time she has produced many works in a variety of disciplines, including drawing, printmaking, painting, surrealistic collage and, most recently, digital painting. However, she is best known for these striking collages for which she coined the term "photage" to distinguish her unique technical process and the visual effect achieved.

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