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Spoon Chandelier


Spoon Chandelier

Code: 233SVLGT1
Price: $900.00
Dimensions: 24"D x 19"H



Chandelier made of plastic spoons. Plastic spoons are used once and discarded by the thousands daily. From this waste the artist created a luxurious chandelier.

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Artists Inspiration:

Claudio and Telma seek to make people happier through design. The function and mood are the key ingredients to its portfolio of fun and contemporary designs, which brings together objects lighting, kitchen accessories and eco-design projects resulting from the reuse or recycling of various materials. The references that inspire the their projects are varied, from traditional crafts, to Portuguese ecology, the changing lifestyles of globalization is what drives the constant interaction between the micro and macro areas of contemporary design are features that Telma and Claudio integrate in a unique and dynamic way in the creation of their design projects.

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