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Involution Pendant Copper


Involution Pendant Copper

Code: 234EYLGT17
Price: $2,000.00



The patent pending Involution Pendant is composed of hand hammered overlapping copper leaves that create an adjustable three-dimensional iris aperture. It comprises two opposite irises: As one opens, the other closes. When it's bottom side is open, light shines directly to the ground and when its top side is open, light shines upwards and bounces on the ceiling to fill the room with soft indirect light. This lamp allows to create an array of lighting environments.

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Artists Inspiration:

We, Yael Erel and Avner Ben Natan, are a collaborating couple. We work together, as an architect and a lighting designer, to explore light through the construction of unique designer lamps, which adjust through time and draw light and texture in space. Coming from two different disciplines we explore this field together with different sensibilities and skills. In our light construction we incorporate energy efficient light bulbs and eco friendly materials - ready-made objects, clay and porcelain as well as recyclable hammered metal and lighting components. The lamps are fitted and assembled by hand in our studio. We collaborate with Ceramic artist Sharan Elran in design, development and construction of our ceramic and porcelain fixtures. One of our goals is to create energy efficient fixtures, while maintaining our focus on their atmospheric and spatial performance.

 Please contact us for additional information or photographs.