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AT-6: Star


AT-6: Star

Code: 248JLASM1
Price: $18,000.00
Dimensions: 24" H x 64" W



Starboard, lower wing panel from North American AT-6 Texan.MS20470 AD 4-3.  Aluminum, Insignia White, Insignia Blue and #167 Eagle Red high-gloss polyurethane.The frame for "AT-6: Star" is of 1"x1" 6061-T6 aluminum angle. "AT-6: Star" is simple in design and execution. It reflects the simplicity of the airplane it represents, the North American AT-6 "Texan" trainer. Before the Army Air Corps became the United States Air Force, the nationality roundels on wings and fuselages of American military airplanes included a simple white star and red circle surrounded by a field of "insignia blue".The bottom wing panel, which gives "AT-6: Star" its name, was removed from an airplane that suffered damage in a gear-up landing. Notice the diagonal abrasions where the wing scraped the runway.

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