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Night Before I


Night Before I

Code: 248JLASM3
Price: $4,100.00
Dimensions: 16"H x 22" W



Paper, Fabric and Pigment on Aviation Plywood. Fabric covering from DC-3 flight control surfaces. Facsimilies of mission briefing notes from Capt. Frank Bibas, who flew the DC-3 named "Pluto". PolyGloss polyurethane pigments (Dakota Black, J-3 OEM Yellow, Lakeland Blue, International Orange, Insignia White, Federal Gray), PolyTak structural adhesive. The "Night Before" is the evening of June 5, 1944. Represented, in particular, are the preparations for inserting the first troops by parachute into Normandy early in the morning of the 6th. I tried to integrate the people spiritually into the abstraction of that horrific evening, as if they were distant from the chaos, but forced to be part of it. Through use of muted colors, vintage fabrics and the pre-flight briefing notes of Capt. Frank Bibas, a DC-3 pilot, I try to move through the tension of the preparations, the flight to France, and the return to base in southern England. In the hastily sketched notes can be found the codes, headings, light signals, altitudes, airspeeds, and even a hurried map of the assault route. The little dog is named "Col. Hap", who flew (against regulations!) every mission with Capt.Bibas tucked away inside his flight jacket.

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