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Martian Gold


Martian Gold

Code: 249VVART3
Price: $1,000.00
Dimensions: 36"H x 30"W



A discarded Regency-style painting in a frame was given a contemporary facelift. Foam and Acrylic on Framed Masonite.

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Artists Inspiration:

What is fizz? Fizz is energy! Fizz is vivid and vibrant! Fizz animates and breathes life into a still and silent object. This concept inspired me to rescue and revive worn and unwanted products into art that is active, bright, and eccentric. The idea of revival becomes important when you begin to think that at some time these things belonged to someone and before that they were designed, crafted and assembled by someone else who invested time, effort and expertise into their creation. For that reason it becomes difficult to see these works being discarded with indifference while they can still serve a purpose. This image influences me to use my imagination and offer a new life as something someone will appreciate, value and treasure.

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