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Redwood Root Cabinet by Michael James Moran

Redwood Root Cabinet

Redwood Root Cabinet
Qty in Basket: None
Code: 264MMFRN2
Price: $3,200.00
Dimensions: 52.3"H x 26"W x 10.9"D


The center piece of Redwood root, a remnant from the massive stumps left in California's forests after the heavy cuttings of the 1920's, sat in my shop for almost a year before I felt I had a good application for it. The cabinet grew around it and became a good resting place for such a beautiful piece. The color variation from heartwood to sapwood in the root is striking and seemed appropriately set off by the Black Walnut framing. The corner joints are meticulously hand-cut through triangle wedges..

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In December of 2004 Michael James Moran stared a one-person owned/operated 1500 square foot wood shop in Charleston, SC. Since then, the furniture has been built one piece at a time for a specific purpose. Each piece remains unique and custom in both design and materials. Construction of the furniture utilizes age-old methods of joinery, often using only hand tools and requiring few if any nails. The finishes we use are the most durable and beautiful available. They are also some of the most environmentally friendly finishes on the market. Our wood is cut and milled at family run mills where sustainability and ecological soundness are essential values. We also use salvaged and recycled woods from our own community. Our entirely solar run wood drying kiln built from a recycled shipping container allows us to control our environmental impact. We work mostly in domestic hardwoods because we can be certain of the origin and treatment of the trees during their lives. We also believe that we have some of the most beautiful trees in the world in our own back yard.

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