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Two Medallion Rug


Two Medallion Rug

Code: 44BBRUG2
Price: $3,500.00
Shipping Weight: 20.00 pounds
Dimensions: Framed: 50"H x 36"W x 2"D



Beautiful multi dimensional painting created with acrylic and mixed media on paper. This is a portrait of a rug woven in East Turkestan in the 18th Century. In my past experience as a textile artist, I explored weaving from many cultures.

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Artists Inspiration:

As I was working my way through life-drawing classes, I thought I would become a painter, but became intrigued with Fiber Art and weaving. I spent nearly thirty years working and exploring that path, while learning about Textile Arts from other cultures and other times. That led to a deep appreciation and respect for all those who hand-make and have made objects and textiles to be used in their lives. Working with re-cycled buttons continues my connection to the world of Fiber Art, and brings to mind all of the people who wore those buttons over the years. The artworks symbolized people together while celebrating a common object. My paintings are homages to artisans and their hand-made textiles and other works. And my painted collages with re-cycled world stamps and maps speak of the similarities and uniqueness of us all, with sometimes humorous juxtapositions. Beauty rules all.

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