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Pendant 1


Pendant 1

Code: 64TRLGT2
Price: $725.00
Dimensions: 22"D



The Pendant No 1 is now sold around the world, having become one of the most popular items in this collection. Due to the high number of requests for the light in varying woods, the pendant is now also available in Oak and Walnut.

Additional Images Nest Pendant Ash Dark Nest Pendant Ash Light Nest Pendant Oak Nest Pendant Ash Dark

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Artists Inspiration:

Tom grew up in the extreme wilderness, tranquility and natural beauty of Exmoor. This environment stimulated his imagination and gave him the freedom to be adventurous with his designs. Tom's fascination with steam bending began whilst studying at Falmouth College of Arts and the vision for many of Tom's designs came from his primary interest in structural materials, sustainable wood and its changeable states. Years of research and experimentation allowed Tom to develop a new look.

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