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Code: 65MBINS5
Price: $12,500.00
Dimensions: 10 x 82 x 82



An installation of nylon fabric walls double sewn in rows of pockets to support the growth of wheatgrass seeds. Watered by a circulating drip irrigation system through copper pipes from a stainless steel reservoir located under a raised wooded platform. In the center of the platform sits a grass-sprouting chair over a second steel reservoir that circulates water. The chair was originally set facing in the direction of the room windows that over look the Hudson River. When sitting in the chair, the viewer would see the landscape through the repetitive rows of landscapes sprouting in the fabric walls. The piece is lit by 12 volt halogen lights that dangle from above.

Originally displayed Marie Walsh Sharpe Art Foundation Studio Space Program April 1999.

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Artists Inspiration:

Michele Brody maintains an interdisciplinary practice, which incorporates a wide spectrum of resources and techniques that constantly explore a range of approaches to communicating how we live with change. The majority of her portfolio includes the creation of environmental installations that support the growth of plants in handmade paper, fabric, and industrial constructions, which alter and transform as they go through a full life cycle during the course of an exhibition. These large-scale fabrications utilize unique lighting, water irrigation systems, natural and recorded sounds to evoke a visceral encounter that questions the tenuous relationship between humans, nature, time and the built environment.

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