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Tea House Production


Tea House Production

Code: 65MBSCL7
Price: $12,000.00



A tea house constructed out of copper pipe with walls of recycled tea bags. Viewers in the gallery were invited to come in to sit and share a cup of tea with me. The tea was brewed from loose tea leaves spooned into special paper bag filters. Our conversations were recorded in preparation for being transcribed onto the tea bags after they were set out to dry on glass shelves. The tea bags will later become a part of a post-production wall mural/quilt as well as hung to make up the walls of the house.

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Artists Inspiration:

Michele Brody maintains an interdisciplinary practice, which incorporates a wide spectrum of resources and techniques that constantly explore a range of approaches to communicating how we live with change. The majority of her portfolio includes the creation of environmental installations that support the growth of plants in handmade paper, fabric, and industrial constructions, which alter and transform as they go through a full life cycle during the course of an exhibition. These large-scale fabrications utilize unique lighting, water irrigation systems, natural and recorded sounds to evoke a visceral encounter that questions the tenuous relationship between humans, nature, time and the built environment.

Original production display: Brenda Taylor Gallery, New York, NY An Interactive Tea Ceremony Performance.

 Please contact us for additional information or photographs.