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Natural State Copper


Natural State Copper

Code: 69JYLGT13
Price: $1,900.00
Dimensions: 9.5"H x 19"W x 9.5"D



We pride ourselves on locating authentic antique pots, preserved in their natural state. That includes the bumps and bruises, patina finish and original hardware. The copper pot itself is true and was beautifully crafted in the last 19th century but the iron handles and brackets have been attached at a later date. Though style to match the time period, the signs are lack of corrosion on the iron and the steel rivets (they would have been hammered copper rivets). None the less, we love this pot and the sconces are magnificent.

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Artists Inspiration:

The idea of transforming a 100 year old copper cooking pot into a "one of a kind" light fixture began several years ago while the artist was traveling in Mexico. Their lunch was prepared by a mother and daughter just the way their ancestors has, over an open fire in a handcrafted copper pot. After the lunch, the pot was purchased and a truly unique lighting collection was born. The vision to see a magnificent light fixture out of a common cooking pot is truly creative but to be able to chooses that as a recycler is wonderful.

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