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Accidental Buddha


Accidental Buddha

Code: 72PGART1
Price: $2,000.00
Dimensions: 23"H x 19" W



This piece is the result of using scrap wood to spray paint the artists ceramic sculpture on - after many many day the artist looked down and saw this....and framed it.

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Artists Inspiration:

The art I make with found materials is initially inspired in the moment of finding. Coming across beauty in unexpected places at no particular time causes an excitement deep inside of me, much like the excitement I felt as a kid finding golf balls in the woods or river ( I was an avid golf ball hunter and golfer), or feel now meeting a beautiful stranger who sees me back. Walking with my good friend Raul once, I was trying to explain to him the “finding” . We were near some discarded wood I felt compelled to go look at and he stated succinctly an idea I wish I had thought of years ago when trying write an artist statement. He said, “ You wake up sleeping art.” What I do with the materials back in my studio takes many different directions Primarily, I seek to reveal that once-sleeping beauty in ways that can be funny, metaphorical, ironic or just plain beautiful.

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