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Ode To Tapies


Ode To Tapies

Code: 99TKPNT10
Price: $1,250.00
Dimensions: 22"W x 27"L



Paintings made with acrylic, graphite, beeswax.

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Artists Inspiration:

Making art means I have lived. The raw essence of my work comes out of a mindful and instinctual place. The meditative trance that occurs when I am putting intention to a blank space is overwhelming for me. The excitement of the next unpredictable action on canvas or paper is part of the thrill. The calm the sensation leaves by releasing color, movement and texture from a chaotic frenzy, patterned with soft, enticing color allows me to play with art. Often the theme comes as the colors begin to melt together. The constant play of contradiction of actions, belief systems of the viewer and the tormented constraint of perceived notions all add to the depth of the art.

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