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Irie Chair by Jason Lutz

Irie Chair

Irie Chair
Qty in Basket: None
Code: 120JLCHR2
Price: $5,000.00
Dimensions: 41" H x 25" W x 38" L


The inspiration for this chair can be traced back to a trip that the artist took in Jamaica in the summer of 2007. The arist was looking for a way to make a chair that is as comfortable as sitting in a hammock while using all natural sustainable materials. Some locals turned him onto the material that grows abundantly in the tropical environments we know as wicker. This material has been used for countless generations as both functional and decorative in furniture making. Combine this natural material with the white cedar growing in Vermont and the first IRiE chair was created. This unique interpretation of the adirondack chair is completely made by hand without the use of power tools. When a logger harvests wood from the forest he does not mill anything smaller than five inches. This creates a surplus of wood that is either discarded or worse burned. This line of furniture was specifically created to use this valuable neglected resource.

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A mechanical engineer turned furniture maker. I truly find my inspiration from the trees that supply me with the materials that I need to create works of art. I desire to create furniture that once you place it back in the environment that you got the wood from it will not look out of place or unwelcome. It is our responsibility as consumers and creators to act in a manner that is fitting for the paradise that we call earth.

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