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Bed Blend


Bed Blend

Code: 151MMBED1
Price: $3,950.00
Dimensions: 79"W x 87"L



Blend is a fusion of a bed and chair. The effect is that of seeing a bed grow out of a bench with very clean lines. The chairs can function as night tables.

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Artists Inspiration:

Sustainability, utility and beauty are the guiding principles that define this artist. She matches the needs of the consumer long term and fit well into their environment. Her objects therefore keep their value. Their timeless design, their subtly light-hearted character and their distinct functionality create a bond between people and the objects. Flexibility is the key to the choice of basic principles for her: whether it is materials, everyday situations or certain specific techniques. By developing a well-conceived idea and sticking to it, her objects have a distinctive and very recognisable signature.

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