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Charleston Plantation Hunt Board Table


Charleston Plantation Hunt Board Table

Code: 18JWTBL5
Price: $4,500.00
Dimensions: 44" W x 21" D x 34" H



Charleston Plantation Hunt Board Farm Table with Hepplewhite tapped legs with square threw pegs. Shown in Colonial Heart Pine Top is made from a small gate from a colonial house built in the 1700’s in Greer South Carolina Inspired while Artist Jaryd Walley was visiting a plantation in Charleston South Carolina. He noticed a small table in the Plantation kitchen house. The purpose for the table was for the master of the house or quest would hunt small game. Small tables would be brought out to the field so riders on horseback could drop off game to be dressed and then return to the field.

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Artists Inspiration:

Raised in San Fernando Valley, California, Jaryd became involved with show business at an early age; his father a professional musician for Frank Zappa and many notable acts in the 1970s and his mother an executive chef in Beverly Hills. Growing up Jaryd has been involved with preserving the environment and endangered species at an early age. Volunteering at Safari pet center were owner “Safari Arnie” world renowned naturalist Arnie Newman and TV personality. Arnie was instrumental in teaching Jaryd about our planet. He began his own career at Lexington Scenery and Props in Burbank, CA for thirteen years. He built scenery and props for television shows such as In Living Color and Beverly Hills 90210, movies such as Independence Day and Titanic, as well as scenery for several Disney attractions, Universal Studios, Las Vegas Casinos and Theme Parks worldwide. With the progression of technology in the film industry and automation in most scenery shops, he saw a decrease in the need for handcrafted backdrops. He decided to expand his horizons and move on from Hollywood. After living in Los Angeles, Las Vegas, and Wilmington North Carolina, he finally settled and fell in love with the Upstate of Greenville South Carolina. Jaryd went from building movie sets to making traditional fine furniture such as Philadelphia sideboards, Sheraton Dining tables and Chippendale High Boy Dressers; real incredible stuff. However, the creations lacked the raw artistic early American History style that Jaryd had become so fond of while visiting Historical Homes and Plantations in Charleston, South Carolina and Wilmington, North Carolina. He realized that he could utilize the abilities and techniques he learned in Hollywood to craft antique heart pine farm tables and Furniture that would capture the imagination of what an authentic piece would have looked like. Keeping in touch with tradition and his Italian heritage, he wanted to display his Italian mother’s philosophy that simply states that when you create something, you start with the very best ingredients and keep it simple; it’s your passion that makes it so good. At the same time using eco–friendly materials just brings what he has learned into prospective. Doing the right thing for the planet and using family as the philosophy is what makes crafting our products possible.

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