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Amp Chair


Amp Chair

Code: 23LMCHR1
Price: $1,600.00
Dimensions: 48x 38x18



The Amp Chair is first and foremost a conversation chair, a unique and modern piece fashioned entirely from birch plywood and two wooden dowels. Created without the use of mechanical fasteners or glue, and finished with an all-natural, locally produced wood oil and preserver.The Amp Chair is inspired by the symbiosis represented by the ampersand symbol. Although the ampersand is normally interpreted as a synonym for “and”, its meaning runs deeper than that. Traditionally, the ampersand is short for the completion of a thought; the requirement of two for final completeness. The Amp Chair is both a physical reflection of the elegant curves of the ampersand and a functional illustration of its use: it is meant for two people and fashioned from two mirrored parts.

Artists Inspiration:

Lindsay Masten is an independent artist and furniture designer. Her background is in architecture, and her passion for built design is the backbone of her aesthetic. She passionately believes that good design begins in the head and in the hands. She also believes design is best when its conscious: eco-conscious, people-conscious and of elevated consciousness. Lindsay is currently resides in the Central Coast of California.

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