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Sprout Oval


Sprout Oval

Code: 254SRTBL3
Price: $3,200.00
Dimensions: 16"H x 27"W x 60"L



Sprout Coffee Table is novel in it's use of modular legs made from natural materials. Sprout is interactive since each leg is self supporting they can be moved, clustered and arranged to suit the client's personal aesthetic.The intention is that you participate in the design of the table by arranging, and rearranging the legs as you might with the rocks in a Japanese rock garden. Sprout is available with a glass top of any size or shape and extra legs can be purchased for larger tables or to provide more design variations. Sprout can be made with a glass top of any size or shape.  3 of the legs are a fixed height, with the additional ones adjustable to accommodate uneven floors. Extra legs (also adjustable for height) can be purchased for larger tables or to provide more design variations. Sprout is eco-friendly since it is made out of natural stone and sustainably harvested Cherry. In addition, it uses only a small amount of minimally processes materials with very little waste. Available in a wide variety of stone with Sustainably harvested Ash, Maple, Cherry, Fir, Black Walnut or Curly Maple.  Dimensions can be customized to suit client needs to serve as a coffee table, hall table, dining table or desk.

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Artists Inspiration:

Since nature is my inspiration, I try my best to care for it by using sustainably harvested woods. Many of the details of my furniture do not show up in photos: textures, edges and curves that are meant to be touched more than seen. I want my furniture to be fun to touch, sit in, eat off and live with for many generations.

 Please contact us for additional information or photographs.