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Romeo and Juliet Table Set


Romeo and Juliet Table Set

Code: 2AJCBN2
Price: $5,766.00
Dimensions: 15" W x 30" H x 13" D



These pieces form part of a body of work which I have created, inspired the walls at the entrance to "Juliet's House" - in Verona - Italy. Shakespere apparently lived there when he wrote "Romeo and Juliet." In Shakespere's play- set in Verona- the character of Juliet was supposedly inspired by a girl living in this house.

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Artists Inspiration:

I wanted to create unique works, furniture that exists as works of art whilst still being functional. I breathe new life into classic pieces, restoring and reusing furniture which would otherwise be overlooked. Working with a fresh approach and truly original designs, I transform them into totally unique products for the top end of the market. My work definitely crosses between the boundaries of art and design and my physical work on the pieces involves craftsmanship. I love working in this way and my approach to my work is driven by the excitement and passion that I feel creating and being surrounded by beautiful objects. My aim is to communicate this sense to others so that they can experience the same enjoyment from my work.

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