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Birds and Beads Chair by Diane Vetromile

Birds and Beads Chair

Birds and Beads Chair
Qty in Basket: None
Code: 56DVCHR1
Price: $3,985.00
Dimensions: 3' H x 16.5" W x14.5" D


This is a 1940's Maple chair. The three wood birds are hand painted, collectible, old, folk art. They are quite happy to be surrounded by colorful beads and vintage buttons. The wonderful tree buttons were hand painted by Diane's Dad, Albert Capello.

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"My art comes from my love of odd collectibles, of which, I have way too many but never enough!" One day, many years ago, I applied smaller treasures to my hand painted sweatshirts using my own formula of thick paint to secure them. Thus came the name, Junker Sweats. They were immediately loved and I went off to New York to do major shows. Total success. At this time, I received major national press - even the cover of Vogue! After a few years of making hundreds of sweats I needed a break so I started experimenting with applying objects to furniture. Thus the birth of Assemblage Furniture. My first large piece, "Desk Lamp with Drawers" made the cover of "The Review", a local Cape Cod art magazine. I do love the Furniture best of all my art because I get to apply my wonderful collectibles in pieces that become mosaic time capsules. This is definitely recycling at its best. I owe my abilities to my Mom, Dad, special friends and the power that is. My parents taught me all the basics from coloring inside the lines, cutting and sewing to building stone walls. My friends encouraged me and still do. I give thanks on a daily basis and will keep working for as long as I have time, energy and junk.

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