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Ceiling Street Sign


Ceiling Street Sign

Code: 60GEPHT3
Price: $2,650.00
Dimensions: 44" L x 14" H



State of the art and visionary. Built in 1898 at a time when streamline modern was decades away. The abbreviated five-story structure was markedly subdued and modern in comparison to its Victorian neighbors. It is the legacy of T.D. Stimson, (1827 - 1898) a lumber baron turned real estate mogul who fostered commercial development in Los Angeles. Designed by famed San Francisco architects, James and Merritt Reid, it was conceived by Stimson as a flagship office building. Over the decades, the building fell into disrepair until undergoing a full restoration and conversion to mix-use in 2005. The Douglas building is once again the pride of the neighborhood and certainly one of the most impressive buildings in downtown Los Angeles.Matted and Framed.

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Artists Inspiration:

My current project City Recycled, looks at the rejuvenation of historic downtown Los Angeles, an area known as the Historic Core. Often photography looks at urban decay focusing on the demise of these grand buildings. I want to look at these areas in a positive light as they are being refurbished, creating exciting new structures for mixed use. Looking at the future, through the past

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