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Head To Toe Cape Coat


Head To Toe Cape Coat

Code: 91LFAPP1
Price: $1,430.00



Made from Organic Merino Wool, embellished with vintage clock hands and watch gears. This coat is an updated and stylistically dramatic version of a cape. It has a halo-like embellishment of vintage clock hands at center back. The coat is extremely comfortable, easy to wear but most importantly communicates a very chic presence. It has no closures though can be easily styled with a belt.

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Artists Inspiration:

Lina Fedriko is a young eco-luxury designer who aspires to reform the fashion industry through her innovative design ideas and their executions. She was born and raised in western Ukraine, and moved to the States 10 years ago in pursuit of dreams. Lina obtained her design education at Pratt Institute, and is now pursuing graduate studies in Sustainable Management at the New School University.

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