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Verdigris LLC Newsletter

Eco 1st Art Elle Decor feature article December 2010.

Eco1stArt: Featuring the most stunning eco-friendly items on the planet.

Featured Artists:

Jesibelle Evening Gown, silk organza with hand cut silk chiffon ruffles, halter neckline, silk lining.

Prizy Sebastian, Eco-Couturier:

I am inspired by nature and art, colors, fabrics and textures. Dressmaking is a form of art to me, with techniques that needs time to perfect. I even save scraps of silk from my original cuttings to create unique pieces later on. I am always looking to perfect my designs, and at the same time to evolve, and bring a more ethical stance to creating fashion.

Robert Cannon Garden Sculpture Bucephalus

Robert Cannon, Sculptor:

 I feel strongly that the Green Movement needs real Green Art to transmit it messages and dreams, its not only up to the engineers, architects, and activists but also up to the artists.

Marla Kunselman Eco-Friendly jewelry designer recycles sea glass creating beautiful jewelry.

Marla Kunselman, Jewelry Designer:

 Recycling or “up-cycling” fragments of glass and pottery, that has been drifting along the oceans floor for many years, into eclectic adornments for the body is her passion.

Recycled antiques upcycled creating beautiful furniture

Jeff Soderbergh, Furniture Designer:

 So much today is temporary, disposable, throwaway. I would like to help preserve the history of our unique surroundings in a tangible way that can be passed down through the generations. Simply, I want to take materials from an era where we were surrounded by craftsmanship and detail and force us to re-examine their beauty out of context.   Re-claim a piece of history.

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