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Fame by Nancy Gifford

Fame Painting

Fame Painting
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Code: 29NGPNT4
Price: $1,600.00
Dimensions: 16" H x 16"W
Fame Painting is SOLD


Each year Nancy Gifford spends several months in England where she has become addicted to second hand bookstores. Her fascination is with the incredible book covers,which are works of art in themselves. She marvels at so much talent and creativity in the covers which, when sitting in a bookshelf, are rarely even seen. There is something perverse about that. Nancy wants to expose them, to bring them out into the open. After it became clear to that the books are decaying and will soon be lost forever, she began the challenge of finding a way to use the covers in her work. She wanted to take these relics of a more refined and subtle age and bring them into the modern world.

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