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Stairway To Success by Daryl Stokes

Stairway To Success

Stairway To Success
Qty in Basket: None
Code: 68DSSCL3
Price: $6,900.00
Dimensions: 67"H x 33"W x 48"D


Spectacular abstract redwood sculpture consisting of seven interwoven angular wood tiers which spiral around a rugged central burl wood formation. The polished geometric levels have been composed with redwood log sections which have been carved with chain saws, shaped with grinders and hand crafted to further enhance the forms. Vividly colorful, some of the log components have contrasting yellow sapwood edges which add dramatic accents to this amazing sculpture. After final preparation, the wood designs are assembled with multiple steel rods. The redwood components have been sprayed with a durable clear oil and hand rubbed, producing a matte finish which reveals all the natural colors and exotic grain patterns. As the sculpture is viewed from different positions, the characteristics change remarkably as if it became an entirely new composition. This sculpture has lots of energetic visual movements and bold energy.Due to the inherent nature of redwood burl, each sculpture is totally unique and cannot be duplicated. All of the natural redwood used to create these sculptures has been salvaged from fallen trees which have been victimized from winter storms, landslides or forest fires, therefor no living trees have been utilized. All sculptures are signed and numbered by Daryl Stokes and include an artist certificate of authenticity.

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Born in Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania, Daryl Stokes studied fine arts at the University of South Florida where he specialized in figure drawings, composite drawings and abstract expressionistic paintings. In the early 70's, Stokes began working with redwood driftwood and burls. Stokes was immersed in the ebb and flow of nature’s energy, resulting in his unique, one-of-a-kind natural designs. His past works have included exotic furniture designs, decorative floor fountains and free form abstract sculptures for both residential and commercial use and have been shipped worldwide.

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