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Glass Top Accent Table by Daryl Stokes

Sculptured Redwood Accent Table
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Code: 68DSTBL1
Price: $1,895.00
Dimensions: 22"L x 22"W x 23"H


Dramatic redwood accent table with a contemporary base design that combines bold sculptural forms with organic beauty. The polished geometric redwood forms interact gracefully with their rustic gnarly burl counterparts to produce a visually intriguing structure with sharp contrasts. The burl end table supports a minimum 30 inch square or round clear plate glass top. As the the end table design is viewed from different positions, surprisingly new characteristics are discovered from every angle. The table base has four angular redwood burl supports with an open center and the wood has very vibrant colors with exotic grain patterns. This contemporary redwood end table sculpture has been created with redwood burls that have been carved with chain saws, shaped with grinders and hand crafted to further enhance the forms. The redwood components have been sprayed with a durable clear oil and hand rubbed, to produce a matte finish that reveals all the natural colors and exotic grain patterns. The smooth, polished surface areas are later treated with a clear satin polyurethane that is applied by hand to accentuate and embellish certain areas of the sculpture design.Due to the inherent nature of redwood burl, each end table sculpture is totally unique and cannot be duplicated. In some instances, similar designs could be created. All of the natural redwood used to create these sculptures has been reclaimed from fallen trees which have been victimized from winter storms, landslides or forest fires, therefor no living trees have been utilized. All sculptured tables are signed and numbered by Daryl Stokes and include an artist certificate of authenticity.>

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