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Pin Up Palm by Catherine Reinke

Pin Up Palm Collage

Pin Up Palm Collage
Qty in Basket: None
Code: 84CRPNT3
Price: $800.00
Dimensions: 30"W x 24" H


Acrylic painting of palm tree image that was taken by artist while visiting Tulum Mexico. Incorporated within its leaves are postcard images of pin up girls from the 1950s area. Lying on the trunk of the tree is a black and white photo of the artist naked lying on a palm tree in Tulum Mexico.

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I am a recycled artist first and foremost. I find that discarded item, be it from a junk pile, curb side or from a flea market that is beat up, unloved or no longer usable and transform it into art. I have a particular fondness for suitcases, chairs, horns and phones. Then I infuse new purpose and life into it. I clean it up, repair and use acrylic paints, glitters, furs, feathers, buttons, handmade vintage papers, fabrics and anything else I can find that may fit into my design. I often incorporate fish net into much of my art. I finish all my work off water based varnish and tend to address all surfaces of whatever I am working on. The result is something that I have saved from the landfills and created into a work of recycled art! 
I have been an artist all my life, exhibiting threw out the country and Europe. It is however, fairly recently, that I began to pursue with such vigor my recycled art avenue, nearly exclusively. After this I moved to large scale canvas where I slowly started to incorporate papers, and other weird found objects, such as a rusty dollar bill found in a public bathroom drain , broken jewelry or bottle caps found on the road side. I use the canvas to express powerful emotions such as loss, rage, love or sorrow. I believe that art should engage you for more than a few moments. My work is full and busy with a lot going on. I desire to engage the viewer for as long as I can. Hold them in front of the canvas, their eyes searching for all the mini works and statements contained in one. This is where my recycled art can into fruition. I still remember the day when a friend gave me an old, dirty beat up vintage suitcase, when something clicked inside of me. I was enchanted by all the sides, each one having a unique presentation. Finding a way to make it cohesive was a challenge, I made it into a Halloween suitcase, a favorite subject matter and holiday that have since sold at exhibition. After this endeavor everything I looked at took on new meaning. Chairs that sat at the roadside curb, lamp shades, bikes, all called out to be rescued and made new.

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