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Hand Embroidered Denim Coat by Violeta Villacorta

Hand Embroidered Denim Coat

Hand Embroidered Denim Coat
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Code: 38VVAPP3
Price: $1,500.00
Dimensions: Size: Medium


This piece is inspired by a vintage military coat and Native American elements. It is a repurposed denim coat that was used as is and reimbellished with hand embroidered raffia straw.

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Violeta Villacorta's membership in the world family has cultivated a designer with a remarkably eclectic vision. She sees our differences as something to embrace, to learn from and to respect. As these differences are what creates harmony in the world. -Born in Lima, Peru, her early years were spent in a rich setting where millenary indigenous cultures have left an abundance of art, textiles, archeological sites, customs and more treasures that continue to inspire generations later.- A move to the United States in 1980, took Violeta Villacorta and her family to New York, where she attended the United Nations International School, a utopian educational experience where multiculturalism reigns. At age 13 she knew design would be her life's passion and soon after began taking classes at Pratt Institute. Inspired by the melting pot and fashion mecca that is New York, and while still in high school, she authored a thesis "Non-Western Cultures Influence on Western Fashion," which secured her a spot at the Fashion Institute of Technology and which theme continues to influence her work. -In 1993, after seeing a need for clothing made with sustainable materials, she started making one-of-a-kind garments and a collection made with natural and organic fibers she refers to as Rustic Elegance. The early 90's saw a resurgence in the protection of the Earth from environmental devastation.

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