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The Ascent of Knowledge by Jonathan Cox

The Ascent of Knowledge

The Ascent of Knowledge
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Code: 218JCSCL1
Price: $12,400.00
Dimensions: 10'8"H x 34'4"W x 2'4"D


A sculpture dedicated to the beauty and power of the written word.The marble form at the bottom is a stylized book and is carved from Colorado marble. The wood form is constructed of Honduras mahogany and is a life/growth form which springs forth from the energy contained within the book.

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Code: 218JCSCL2
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My father gave me my first toolbox when I was four. He cleared the trees from the land that he bought from my grandmother, then used the wood from the trees to build the house that I grew up in. Before I was fourteen, we had built five boats together. The process that I engage in with my sculpture today begins with wood and with skills that I learned as a child. From there, I add whatever material will best communicate the idea. In recent years I have used a wide variety of materials, including polyester, bronze, steel, aluminum, ceramic, paper, and stone. I am very excited about the current direction of my work. I am enjoying both the scale and the combination of materials in the recent installation-oriented pieces. My intent is to continue to produce large-scale pieces. By using materials with more durability these pieces can exist in public spaces.

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