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Candy Red Chair by Nic Nobilique

Candy Red Chair

Candy Red Chair
Qty in Basket: None
Code: 227NNSCL6
Price: $5,000.00
Dimensions: 5'H x 7'W x 4'D


Each of Nobliques' Sculptures are one-of-a-kind, never to be reproduced. As with all of his work, the steel is recycled and salvaged and the finishes are powder coated, bringing sustainability to the forefront of creativity. Not only does Noblique create with sustainability in mind, he builds each sculpture with his own hands utilizing hand built machinery from all recycled materials including a rolling machine run with a salvaged jack pump transmission. A certificate of authenticity is provided for your records. Each sculpture is finished professionally and can be placed indoors or out with UV protection to ensure a beautiful, lasting finish that resists rust, fading, and chipping.

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Noblique became an early lover of Picassoís work while traveling in Europe and focused on his artistic development throughout his primary education with exhibits as early as age 13 at the Milwaukee Museum of Art. Nic developed a passion for snowboarding and skateboarding that led to a career in owning and operating skate and snow retail shops in Wisconsin, California, and Washington State. After studying pliable materials engineering in California, he made further contributions to the skateboard industry by engineering a new concave skateboard that would go on to be produced by some of the countries major skateboard manufacturers. He continued to apply creative insight with an understanding of physics to design and produce several indoor and outdoor skate and snow parks. In his early 20ís he left the skate and snow industry to work as a full time artist. ďMy sculpture is based on the idea of 3/5/8 mathematical beauty, suggesting everything in nature can be broken down into those proportions and that everything is a structural spiral. The finished sculpture is graceful, ethereal, soft, and happy although it comes from rough, cold, rigid recycled steel. Itís not about making a social or political statement or regurgitating a bygone aesthetic or art movement, my sculpture is about form, lines, and movement from the depths of my own imagination, that engage the natural environment in an oddly organic way. I want my sculpture to play a visual trick, a balancing act, and contradict the very nature of the material I use to produce it. I want the viewer to see it floating and balancing delicately with a confusing afterthought of the enormous weight involved. I will usually balance a piece of steel in one hand and weld it with the other, I can literally feel the tension of a 20 ft long piece of steel when itís not right Ė and only if I have it in my hand can I know that, even though it looks vicariously positioned, it is perfectly stable and balanced. It may weigh a 400 pounds but it almost floats when itís sitting right. So, that Ďfeelingí people mention when they see my sculpture Ė itís every bit intentional and has everything to do with making something graceful rather than industrial and hard feeling. My inspiration is everywhere and all around but does come from life experience and life long passions. I spent my whole life as a skate boarder. Everywhere I look I can see something skateable. Most people see a curb, ledge, stairs, a drop-off or whatever. I always see at it as the next thing I could ride. It translates into art because when Iím walking around or driving through the country or in the city I might see the way a hill comes down to the base of a tree or a tree growing up through the cracks in the pavement and be inspired. In this way a hill, valley, and a house can instantaneously realized.

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