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The Rebound Chair by Andrea Hardcastle

Rebound Chair

Rebound Chair
Qty in Basket: None
Code: 43AHCHR1
Price: $650.00
Shipping Weight: 15.00 pounds
Dimensions: 36"OAH x 18" S.H. x 21"D


Designed in Toronto by a team of young industrial designers, the REBOUND chair prototype is made wholly from low-cost, recycled materials: heavy inner tube rubber and steel. Weighing in at a mere 15 lbs, REBOUND is lightweight and configured for stackability with minimal effort, while the variable weave rubber seat and back present a welcome experience of comfort and stability. REBOUND stakes its claim in the realm of innovative design. Sleek and sexy, it is a complement to urban-looking environments and more. From professional design spaces and boardrooms, to loft spaces, to restaurants and terraces, REBOUND’s versatility slinks between settings ranging from funky grit and concrete, to laid-low elegance and luxurious faux furs with relative ease. When viewed as a piece, it adds a pleasant, brow-raising interest to almost any room. REBOUND is also weather-proofed, making it a premium accessory for outdoor use. When coupling its efficient use of a minimal number of recycled materials and its low manufacturing cost, REBOUND promises excellence as a contender for mass production. REBOUND: The chair that gives back!

Additional Images Rebound modeled Rebound Back Rest View Rebound Rear Corner Rebound Stacked

Organic forms, colour and strong tactile interaction are recurring influences in Andrea’s designs. For her, good design has as much to do with touch as sight. The Rebound Chair is a case in point - the taut rubber seat and the bouncy back rest encourage the sitter to physically engage with the chair, making sitting more active. An industrial designer by training, her passions continue to be fueled by ecological and social needs. Real solutions to actual problems are what drives her. She has a flare for finding unique uses for old things, repurposing discarded materials and transforming "garbage" like the giant truck inner tubes used for the Rebound Chair, Into beautiful, useful objects. Her motto is "If you can't make it beautiful, then what's the point?"

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