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Formidable by Tes Barton


Qty in Basket: None
Code: 216TBSCL2
Price: $900.00
Dimensions: 12.5"H x 17"W


Formidable marks my first success at combining recycled steel and recycled glass. This sculpture is the ulimate experiment in recycling, for all of its components came from discarded materials. The steel was taken from the scrap bin and the glass comes from liquor bottles that have been collected, sliced into rings and fused in a kiln. The title expresses my desire and determination for success.

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My sculpture involves the deconstruction of the mundane through the use of objects or ideas. I reorganize the basic components of the object or idea in such a way that it no longer conforms to any prior restrictions or connotations.

It is my intent to provoke a different thought process. I want the viewer to reconsider the preconceptions normally associated with the object or idea presented. I hope they walk away with a fresh perspective which ideally spills over into how they view the world around them.

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