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Astral Fragment by Bill Hess

Astral Fragment

Astral Fragment
Qty in Basket: None
Code: 87BHCLC4
Price: $1,550.00
Dimensions: 10" H x 7"W x 2"D


Created using 100% recycled container glass, this piece was twice-fused in a kiln to create a uniquely textured surface. This sculpture has a highly geological type look, and yet its fragmented surface implies an aged and weathered history that feels otherworldly. Each fissure tells a beautiful story that it was formed of broken bottle glass is simultaneously insignificant and dramatic.

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I enjoy seeing a discarded glass bottle assume a new life. Glass containers have an intimate place in our lives, and this relationship is energetically etched into each piece that I create. I feel like an alchemist as I work to transform the physicality of glass while preserving its soul and history. From a practical perspective I feel frugal in sourcing my materials, but more so, I feel ecological. I strive for efficiency and intelligence in utilizing objects and resources that are beautiful, readily available, and whose prior lives are still evident upon reaching my hands. Over the past 10 years, this re-use philosophy has meshed well with my interest in conveying a message to celebrate, engage, and provoke a more meaningful relationship between people, nature, and objects. I bring this sensibility to the content of my work with recycled glass, whereby natural imagery is introduced either intentionally, by chance or discovery through the creative process. When the glass creates a dialogue with the content of a sculpture, I experience an energetic shift and a bit of the supernatural. This makes the whole creative process worthwhile and justified while hopefully providing some inspiration, joy, and reflection for others. I was educated as an artist and engineer and became interested in art glass while living in Seattle studying at Pratt Fine Arts Center. Much of my experience with recycled glass has been through independent discovery. Recently, I have been creating larger pieces in the form of counter tops. These have evolved into awesome painterly type works. Each has a substantial ethereal signature both in mass and visual information resulting from the idiosyncrasies of recycled glass.

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