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Gaiia Coat by Camilla Wellton

Gaiia Coat

Gaiia Coat
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Gaiia is the primal Greek goddess personifying the Earth. She lends her name to this coat which gets its signum from sleeves with added volume around the elbows; its flower petal inspired collar as well as its flower petal motif in the back. Combined with a two way zipper in the front, hidden pockets inside seams and practical length for the autumn-winter. Gaiia is serenely stating her majesty while remaining urban and modern. Fully lined, the coat comes in Moleskin ( a very dense cotton) or Felted Wool Made in Stockholm, Sweden

She wants the best for herself and those she loves. She is in process of creating the life of which she dreams. She is strong and honours her integrity. She's not afraid to stand out or to blend in: it all depends on what she feels like. For her, choices of what to wear and how to think are not based on what others may or may not say about her. Her choices are based on how they will make her feel about herself. She knows her strengths. She knows her weaknesses. And feels that inside every perceived weakness is the seed of a new strength ready to blossom when she is ready to accept that change.

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