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Orange Jelly Installation by Renee Prisble Una

Orange Jelly

Orange Jelly
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The artist investigation of fungi forms is inspired by the symbolic quality he associates with fungi. He sees them as liminal organisms (being between two states, but not in either) because they appear as plants, but is biologically more closely related to animals. Their function in the food chain is to process and transform dead organisms or is parasitic. For him fungi represents the interconnected quality of life. The fruiting bodies we observe belie a network of the organism below the surface. In the piece Orange Jelly, he has recycled an unexpected material into a new form, much like fungi themselves. Orange sweaters from thrift stores were reused to create this large-scale fungal invasion. This sculpture is about transformation, decay, change, and rebirth, ideas echoed in all the steps of making this work. He finds his materials and inspiration for new work searching thrift stores, a place where the abundance of our consumer based society goes to be reborn in a second economy of the second hand. He sees searching thrift stores-places of strange order and chaos-as similar to searching for mushrooms in the forest. While looking for something in particular, something new and unexpected may show itself and become a foundation for the next piece. The thrift store is simultaneously a wonderful place of discount opportunity and a sad place of society excesses as seen in our forgotten stuff and people. He sees making his work from materials gathered at thrift stores as being connected to and accessible by everyday experience. Once Orange Jelly is installed in a gallery space, it symbolically represents a network of transformative decay below the surface of the gallery walls. It is something mysterious, curious, and invasive. In each space it grows uniquely in response to the space in a way an organism would. This keeps the work exciting, pushing me to exhibit repeatedly.

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Renee Prisble Una is a sculptor and installation artist working in Chicago. She earned her BFA from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago in 1998, and her MFA from the NYSCC School of Art and Design at Alfred University in 2002. Her multi media approach to making is contemplative and explores ideas through an investigative approach to materials. She has shown in the U.S., including at The International Museum of Surgical Science, The Polish Museum of America, The Freedom Museum, NAB Gallery, Northeastern Illinois University and at Loyola University and is currently teaching at Loyola University Chicago and Wright College. She is also a student and member of The Shambhala Meditation Center in Chicago.

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