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Screwed Light by Georgios Ignatiou

Screwed Light

Screwed Light
Qty in Basket: None
Code: 16GILGT5
Price: $1,300.00
Dimensions: 20" Diameter


Spikey and ugly- pretty or not . The lamp is made of small brown screws there are a lot, unfunctional, and so purely hypothetical. Are the thousand screws that I had used made me bemused.To make light that's so intense,but altogether makes some sense. A collection of objects with light improvised through form, function, and aesthetic. The concept is simple and widely practiced throughout the product design industry of the past and present. This work is based on reclaiming the functions of used or found objects or materials. Their functions have been re-applied practically into lifestyle to describe new forms from old forms that function mainly as desirable objects with light. Light and sound are the principle mediums that conduct the processes and techniques needed to orchestrate this flurry of materials with forms and functions. These objects use material and form to sculpt light with rendering results that transform interior surfaces into highly decorative picturesque environments.

Additional Images screwed light detail view 1. screwed light detail view 2. screwed light detail view 3. screwed light detail view 4.

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Lighting is my passion, Design is my spice, Music is my fuel, Inspiration is my orgasm...The form, its function, performance and improvisation, a synchronised collaboration between 2D and 3D creating form through music, atmosphere and lifestyle, the objective of my work.


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